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Good Morning!
Welcome to Nishii-showten!

One of Tokyo’s popular tourist destinations, Asakusa.


We used Airbnb, a leading retailer of services.
There are other residential platforms, but Airbnb is attractive for credit-card payment and a lot of choices.

Tourist resort is not good at crowding with people, but this time we went to the tourist spot, Asakusa .

With a laptop, work a bit, study, take a walk and go sightseeing,
The goal is to be able to do it easily.

2.Airbnb Accommodation

It is not publicity, but it is introduced.
Atmosphere that this is just a private night.
You can go to the 2 family.

When we went there was a tourist from France next door.
(It was a nice guy who will speak Japanese )

It is a retro atmosphere.
Have you seen this ”noren”(のれん)?

3.Property Overview

Basically it is a form of bunk bed dormitory & living dining & bath sharing.

It was an impression that renovation of the architectural architecture was successfully done.

On the first floor,
Living room, kitchen, bath, toilet (2!)
I also have dishes and dishes, so I can cook.

The second floor is a bed.
There was also a veranda.

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As usual, meals are not attached.
I examined it on Google and got it at a nearby convenience store and went to a shop.

Relaxing in tatami.
While drinking Green-tea, slowly Nomad worker.

5.Sightseeing in Asakusa

Check out as scheduled around 11 o’clock and take a walk around Asakusa.

You could see the sky tree soon, this is a view of the night.

It costs 6,000 yen per night for two people at this price, I was really satisfied.

The repeat is almost fixed.

I want to enter Airbnb more and more

Thanks for reading,

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