Hakodate(函館)-Trip Notes,Sushi-March,2018


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Good Morning!
Welcome to Nishii-showten!

We went to Hakodate.

One night in Yunokawa’s inn,Daikoku-ya(大黒屋)
Genghis Khan ”Thamesin(テムジン)” and sushi dining ”Kantaro(函太郎)”.

Hakodate is delicious!

To Daikoku-ya inn at Yunokawa.

It’s about 4,000 yen, with a hot hot spring.
Is sulfur working, a little thick hot water.

The room has good atmosphere .

Hot spring is a heavenly!

On the night of stay, the road where snow is piled is about 10 minutes on foot,to

Genghis Khan Thamesin

On the charcoal fire, a domed slit-type Genghis Kan pan.
It is an authentic.

There seems to have been introduced on TV, there was plenty of menu.
Of course, order!

Actually this place.

There is a sheep breed called so-called “Ganglo”, also called Suffolk.

Ganglo, mutton, upper loin, ram roll.

Other than that, there was one such as lamb chop, lamb tan, sausage and so on.

Sauce here seems to be homemade, after all it has a bit sweet taste and personality.
It is the same trend as Sapporo .

I think that overall the meat quality was good.
While there is a taste of rum, there is also a little rum distinct personality, volume is also quite.
It cost about 5000 yen per person, but it was quite a nice store.

On the way home to the inn,

A mountain of snow that was able to rise in a convenience store.
Winter in 2018 seems to have been snowing extraordinarily than in recent years.

It seems that local people were also confused.

Next day,

We went to sushi dining ”Kantaro(函太郎)”

Kantaro is also opening in Tokyo.
Although it rotates, most customers do not take what they are turning, I’m ordering to cock.
Even if ordered, even the same price is spinning.
Depending on the condition of crowding, it is more delicious to order each time.

A good point of Kantaro is that the side menu is delicious.
Daily bowls are the ones that make you feel the taste of Hokkaido.

This time is “Gokko”soup.

In Japanese name is “Hotei-uo”.
It is almost unlikely in the metropolitan area (maybe), the food unique to North area in Japan.

Based on soy sauce, add a little Nori or Tofu, and then have plenty of cooked eggs .
To the extent I am happy to be able to eat outside my parents’ home.

Another thing I like is active.
In the work of Edo front, we put out a fire once and bring out sweetness, but raw octopus is also quite odd.

Because lemon is added, it is recommended to get refreshed with lemon soy sauce and salt lemon.

Classic, salmon.

Salmon , broiled salmon, variety.

This is a set of 3 pcs from the beginning.
Salmon eat comparison set.

This rarest neta is here.
Scallops (with shell)

I will handle scallops purchased from Kushiro after receiving orders.
Grill the tongue, hold fresh straps and with sashimi.
Of course the scallop as well as the main.
It was about 350 yen with this, this is pretty.

It is quite a matter if you eat as much as 5 dishes per person.
It is not cheap per dish, but it is not even a sushi truck, so it is just as good for me to balance this.

No matter when you come, Kantaro has something to discover and new stories.

Thank you for the meal.

Because Hakodate is a relay point to my family home, I visit it several times a year.
Recently I’m a bit worried that the demolition and vacant tenants are becoming conspicuous, and it seems that we are struggling hard at sightseeing.

I have plenty of delicious things, so I’m going to have fun.

Thanks for reading,

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