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Good Morning!
Welcome to Nishii-showten!

I love meat and we often go for a grilled meat,we call “Yakiniku(焼肉)”.
My recent boom, roast beef.

First of all, let’s buy meat!

I got nearby supermarket.
Up to your like.

With black-pepper and basil.

A lot of garlic and zip rock with olive oil.

Let’s wait for about some ours.

Return to room temperature.
This is important.
Very important.

Let’s leave it for at least 1 hour.
To some extent, as it approaches normal temperature, it is hot water.

I think it depends on preference and how to bake, because I like rare, I’d like to raise the temperature slightly to the middle one beforehand.
So, I put hot water in a big bowl and warmed up a little.

Is it about the temperature of the bath?

Ultimately, if you do not raise the meat to 50 degrees, be careful not to break your stomach though it is beef!

Let’s roast!

I waited, this moment.
I waited for about 4 hours, it was long.

Finally it is time to burn.
For this I bought it.

Roast beef!

#ローストビーフ #家ごはん

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Bake, rest.
It’s patience here, is not it?
You may want to burn all the way, but let’s do it slowly.

Bake for 3 minutes and rest for 5 minutes.

This is at least 3 laps.

did it!

One can sleep until tomorrow.

Another one is dinner!

Cut it!


If the meat is rare, it will not cut easily.
I hope to sharpen knives more sharply.

Dinner was delicious.

Cut it with chopping boards, eat it as it is, give it to the dish at the rough and get it with your family.

Although it is rare – are, fire has passed through the inside, there was also a sense of temperature.
It was worth the effort to boil over several hours, which was very delicious.

next day,

This was also delicious again.

Because drip is a waste, I made it instantly and wore a sag.
Singing Genghis Khan, all-purpose!☆

Thanks for reading,

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